Ethiopian famous recipe : DORO WOT (spicy dish)

doro wot, desire tours

All you need :

Chicken (can we replaced with beef, lamb or vegetables)
4 onions
Berbere (mixture of paprika, chili, peper, garlic, salt ginger…)
2 boiled eggs
Chicken stock

Preparation :

Put chopped onions in a casserole and slowly cook, with oil, add the amount of butter (kibeh) you wish and let the onions cook until they turn golden brown. Add the berbere according to your tolerance of spicy dishes, and chopped garlic, leave it for about 45 minutes with the stock. Finally had the chicken and let it cook for another 40 minutes. Add the boiled eggs and the stew is ready.

The doro wot is eaten with « injera » , which is made out of « teff » grains. Injera is used like a bread in Ethiopian cuisine. The stew can also be served with rice or bread.


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