Omo Valley, various ethnic groups.

Ethiopie - Vallée de l'omo

The Omo valley is still home to various ethnic groups with their own culture. These tribes live on the margins of the world and  perpetuate an ancestral way of life. The valley hides as well many archeological treasures.

On this trip you will be able to meet the Hamer, Borana, Konso and Mursi tribe. You will have the opportunity to discover Shamo lake where you will see the largest crocodiles in the world.

Highlights :

  • Omo valley ethnic groups : Hamer, Mursi, Konso, Borana…
  • most popular Mursi tribe women with lip plates and painted bodies
  • traditional dances of Hamer people
  • Flora & fauna of the Rift Valley’s lakes
  • Green landscapes of Sidamo : coffee region
  • Archeological site of Tiya, Tutufela…
  • Specialized team in the region to ease contacts with local population and to help understand the difference way between the ethnic groups’ lifestyle.

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