ethiopie, cuisine traditionnelle

Traditional slightly sour flat bread or crêpe made out of  « teff » . Teff is grown all over Ethiopia, and is exported all over the world, it is famous for being an iron rich flour. Injera can be red, dark or white according to the content of teff.

Teff flour is mixed with water and left to ferment for several days, which will give that sour taste. The injera is baked on a large clay plate on fire or electric “mittad”,  the liquid is poured on the stove in a circle like crêpe. Porous will appear on the top and will reveal the smooth texture.

Injera is the principe dish in Ethiopia, it is used with differents stews, vegetables… It is eaten with the right hand and rolled over the different dishes. Injera is food, but also used as a fork and and plate, the stews are served over injera.
When offered a “gursha” (traditional hand feeding) you may not refuse it, it is a sign of friendship .


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