Religious pilgrimage & Timkat celebration


Desire Tours has a significant experience in organizing religious trips or pilgrimages in particular for Timkat’s celebration (Epiphany) or Meskel’s (fest of the Cross) , the two most important Christian feasts in Ethiopia.
Timkat celebrates Christ’s baptism by St. John Baptist. During Timkat you will assist to processions and large celebrations in all towns in the North mainly in famous mythical sites of Bahar Dar , Lalibela, Aksoum or at the rock churches of Gheralta.

Highlights :

  • Celebration of Timkat
  • Imperial city of Gondar
  • Discover the mountainous region of Tigray and the oldest churches of Ethiopia
  • The black Jerusalem, Lalibela et her 11 monolithic churches
  • Tana Lake and monasteries on the island of Tsegue
  • Adapted assistance to allow you to attend at a big Christian feast and to become a part of the celebration, learning about the religious history of the country through major sites.
  • Historic Route  with visiting majors religious sites in the North of Ethiopia : Bahar Dar, Yeha, Siemes, Tana, Gondar….

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